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DJ Mr Lob

dj mr lob logo DJ Mr Lob

Mr Lob is a Melbourne based DJ and Music Collector and has been active on the Melbourne DJ scene since 1999. One of the highlights of DJ Mr Lob’s career so far was being placed #17 in Mixcloud’s "Best Of 2015 Eclectic" worldwide category:
Mixcloud Best Of 2015 Eclectic
Mr Lob’s live Dj sets are generally an eclectic blend of Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop, Reggae, Afrobeat and Latin Soul, while his mixes tend to be more genre specific. The one thing you can say about Mr Lob’s style is that whatever he plays it has to have a real Funky, Jazzy and Soulful sensibility.  Mr Lob is adept in both the vinyl, especially 45s format, as well as with Serato on turntables and cdjs.


DJ Mr Lob's Work History

Mr Lob is also a member of The Genre Creeps on Mixcloud and a collaborator of The Jazz Jousters and Millennium Jazz Music, and both relationships have seen him develop a bunch of very well received mixtapes.
Mr Lob has toured Thailand 5 times playing in big clubs and music festivals in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai and supported the Stanton Warriors in Bangkok. Mr Lob has also toured Perth, Western Australia twice in 2015, both times playing between 5 - 8 gigs across a multitude of venues and music genres.
Besides his weekly Melbourne residencies across a multitude of venues, Mr Lob has also played major Australian Festivals such as Soulfest, Earthcore, Rainbow Serpent, Sydney Road Festival, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Harvest Festival, Johnston Street Fiesta and Come Together Festival as well as guest spots at parties such as Soul A Go Go and The 45 Sessions.
With his Dj partner, Obliveus, Mr Lob runs Black Caesar Events, that has seem them put on some of Melbourne’s best Soul n Funk bands and artists such as Kylie Auldist, The Cactus Channel, Karate Boogaloo, Florelie Escano, The Putbacks and The Seven Ups amongst others.
Black Caesar Events also operates ‘The 45 Sessions’ parties in Melbourne.
Mr Lob also hosted the Maiden Voyage Radio Show on in 2015, as well as The Black Heat Radio Show from 2013 – 2014.
Visit DJ Mr Lob's official website here


DJ Mr Lob - The Mixtape Master

With Thousands of listeners every week Mr Lob has over 250 mixtapes on Mixcloud that span multiple genres and styles.
Here are just a few

listen to dj mr lob soul sacrifice mix

Soul - Listen to DJ Mr Lob - Soul Sacrifice

listen to dj mr lob funk provider mix

Funk - Listen to DJ Mr Lob - Funk Provider

listen to dj mr lob still hangin out mix

Hip Hop & RnB - Listen to DJ Mr Lob - Still Hanging Out

listen to dj mr lob we got it covered mix

Jazz - Listen to DJ Mr Lob - We've Got It Covered

listen to dj mr lob africanisms 9 mix

Afrobeat - Listen to DJ Mr Lob - Africanisms 9



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